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Photographs sell homes

Lake_house_2Thinking of selling your home soon?  If so, take this tip.

" Make sure the Realtor you hire takes photographs of your home and puts them in the MLS and on the web." 

Most buyers start their home searches on the web these days (about 70% according to some studies).  But guess what, web listings with no photographs get the least number of clicks.  Buyers don't take the time to view text only ads.  In fact most of the major home search sites like have filters.  You can search based on the number of photographs as one of your main search criteria.  Coldwell Banker's website ranks as one of the most used home search websites by Nielsen/NetRatings a leader in net research.  Just recently, Coldwell Banker put out a new rule to all of its agents that they must have at least six photographs of a home for the home to be included in the Coldwell Banker website. 

Photographs sell homes. 

It seems hard to believe but some studies have reported that 4 in 10 listings on the Internet lack photos.  That's just a waste of time.  Why even put a listing on the net without photos?  Did you ever see a listing flier without a photo?  Well, I've seen a few but they don't get the same attention as those with good quality photographs.  Same holds true, even more true, for the web.  Buyers want to see photos.  Our Beaumont area MLS allows up to 9 photographs per listing.  There might be one an exception to the 6 photo minimum rule.  If you are selling vacant land, 6 photos might not be needed.  But that's about the only exception.  Every house has a front exterior view, rear exterior view, and at least 4 interior shots that can be used to help promote it to the buyers out there looking. 

Do you remember the tip?  Insist on six photographs.  Photographs sell homes.

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Joseph Drago

As a professional Real Estate Photographer I couldn't agree more. I would add that the better your images are, the more they will grab the attention of serious home buyers.

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