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Southeast Texas Home Builders Optimistic?
Southeast Texas Residential Home Sales Data: April 2010

Guess the Southeast Texas Neighborhoods with the Most New Construction Sales in 2010

Front door We are just shy of half way through 2010.  Home sales were at record lows in the first quarter.  Fortunately, April's spring weather and the tax credit expiration gave the housing market a needed boost. 

You can add the home sales from January, February and March and you'll get pretty close to the number of homes that sold in April but I digress.

Today, for your reading pleasure I thought I'd look at which neighborhoods have had the highest number of new construction sales so far this year.  There are the familiar neighborhoods - if you live here you know the ones I'm talking about- and there are a few new-comers.  Without further suspense, here's the six top selling neighborhoods for the first five and a half months of the year with the number of sales, average price per square foot of living space, and the highest sales price. 

New Construction Sales

Keep in mind these are the new construction sales only.  There have been resales in these neighborhoods too.  Data is from the Beaumont MLS. 

Another interesting stat is the days on the market.  These new construction homes averaged 146 days on the market.  Builders have been negotiating off their asking price in some cases but not much.  Most of these sellers/builders averaged close to 97% of their asking price. 

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