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November 2014

Southeast Texas Home Sales_October 2014

Here are the highlights from October Home Sales condensed in one nifty graphic.

2014 Oct Sales

For those of you new to the blog or my Facebook page, I'll explain months supply of inventory.  When there is too much inventory (too many houses on the market) it is a Buyers Market.  When there is too little inventory (too few houses on the market) it is a Sellers Market.  Right now we have a 7.4 months supply of homes for sale.  Most experts, including The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M consider a 6month supply of homes for sale to be a balanced market.

Why even bring it up?  Well, not long ago we had over an 11 month suppy of homes for sale in Southeast Texas.  So what it means is inventory has been going down.  The market is getting better. 

If you have other questions about the buying or selling a home in Southeast Texas contact me.  I'm here to help with all your real estate needs.

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Home Sales in Westwood, Lumberton, TX

Westwood is a very popular neighborhood in Lumberton, Texas.  So popular with in fact that it is now on its 7th phase.  There have been forty (40) homes sales in Westwood so far this year.

Take a look at the important sales data about Westwood.

2014 Westwood Sales

  • The lowest sale in 2014 was on Westchase Loop for $138,000.
  • The highest sale in 2014 was on Kerrville for $222,780.
  • When these homes are priced right they sell for 98% of their original price on average. 
  • 17 of the homes sold for 100% of the asking price or more. 
  • All data is from the Southeast Texas MLS.

Looking to buy or sell a home in Westwood?  Or any other neighborhood in Southeast Texas.  For a no cost market analysis of your neighborhood contact me.  Let me help you understand the market before you decide to buy or sell a home. 

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The Most Expensive Listing in Beaumont, TX

Yesterday, just for fun, I posted a video of the most expensive listing in the United States.  Today, let's take a look at the most expensive listing in Beaumont, TX. 

Listed for $2,295,000


1355 Thomas Road, Beaumont, TX 77706 is where this stately home is located.  Features include: 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 3 half baths and over 7,000 square feet of luxurious living space.  It is listed by Taryn Hebert with Remax.  She represents the seller. 

If you want to tour this luxury residence contact me for a private tour.  Not quite in your budget, I can show you any listed house you want to see.  Call or text me with the address of your dream home. 


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Beaumont Home Sales, October 2014

There was over eight (8) million dollars in home sales in Beaumont for the month of October.

2014 October Sale Beaumont


For those who aren't familar with the way the Southeast Texas MLS subdivides Beaumont, it is broken down into smaller sections.  In the westend of Beaumont there are six (6) different sections.

W2 is the section where you'll find Thomas Park, Bayou Bend, Lanark, Dellwood and Ivy Lane to name a few streets.  A lot of the older established neighborhoods are in W2. 

W3 is the section where you'll find Caldwood.  It runs from Phelen over to College approximately.  Some of your more affordable westend homes are in this section of Beaumont.

W4 is the section that has a lot of the newer subdivisons off Major Drive.  Most of Barrington Heights, Fairfield, and Westchase are in this section of Beaumont. 

Why is all this important?

Because when it comes to determining the current market value of a home you need to know what other homes in the same area sold for. 

Buying a home-  find out what other similar homes sold for.

Selling a home - find out what other similar homes sold for. 

Rarely would you compare the value of a home to a home in another section of town.  Appraisers have to find at least three (3) similar homes, in a nearly proximity that have sold to determine an appraisal value on a home.  If your REALTOR has given you this information before you make an offer on a home or before you list your home for sale there will be a lot fewer worries about what the home will appraise for. 

Need help determining the value of any home in Southeast Texas, contact me.  One service I provide is a professional home valuation.  Its no cost to you and no obligation and it could save you thousands of dollars on your next home purchase or sell.


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October Homes Sales: Lumberton, Silsbee, Vidor


2014 October Sales Lumberton


Thirty five (35) homes sold in Lumberton last month.  The average sales price was $197,925.  Sellers receieved 96% of their asking price on average.  Homes took 86 days to sell on average.


Nine (9) homes sold in Silsbee in October.  The average sales price was $128,641.  Sellers received 92% of their asking price on average.  Homes took 111 days to sell on average.


Twelve (12) homes sold in Vidor last month.  The average sales price was $108,841.  Sellers received 93% of their asking price on average.  Homes took 125 days to sell on average.

*Data comes from the Southeast Texas MLS

If you would like to know more about what homes are selling for in your neighborhood, contact me here on the blog.  Just click here to contact me. 




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October Home Sales, Bridge City, Buna, Fannett

Welcome to Novemeber 2014.  October was a strong month for home sales in Southeast Texas with over 200 homes closing. 

For the next few posts I'll be sharing home sales from select Southeast Texas areas.   Today, Bridge City, Buna and Fannett.  Take a look.  The graph shows average sales price, the percent of the original asking price that the home sold for, and the number of days it was on the market.

 2014 October Sales

*Data from the Southeast Texas MLS.

Home sales in Southeast Texas are broken down into smaller areas.  If you want to find out the home sales data for your area just fill out the contact link and let me know the area you are interested in.

Coming up soon:  Lumberton home sales data and Beaumont home sales data.  Can't wait for the post call me or contact me on the blog and you can get the information today.

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Beaumont_Port Arthur, TX Median Home Prices


  2014 Beaumont Median Price

The National Association of REALTORS has a pretty cool interactive map.  It will show you the median home price for just about any city in the United States.

Featured above is Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX but if you want to check out any other city click here

  • Thinking about moving to another town, contact me.  Coldwell Banker has a national relocation network of experiened agents that can help you any place you move.
  • Considering selling your home, ask me for a free home enhancement guide.  It can help you sell your home for a higher sales price. 


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