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July 2010

Residential Homes Sales in Southeast Texas: Close up of where we are at half way through the year

We are a little more than half way through 2010.  Summer home selling season is well under way. 

Here's a cheat sheet...

for those of you blog readers that what to know what homes are selling for in the various neighborhoods and towns across Southeast Texas. 

2010_Median Sold

But wait there's more...

Want to know how long

it is taking to sell homes in these same towns and neighborhoods?  Consider this blog own personal "Cliff Notes" to residential home sales in Southeast Texas.  This chart shows the average Days on Market (abbreviated DOM).  The time is from when the listing becomesactive in the MLS until it closes.

2010_Avg DOM

Want to know more?  Contact me or just keep reading the blog.

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1 Million Dollar Plus Homes in Southeast Texas

If you have a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you are looking for a new place to call home, here's what you'll find on the market in Southeast Texas. 

Nine properties top the one million dollar asking price!

As you might guess five of the nine come with acreage.  The other four are some of the prestigous addresses in Beaumont. 

In order that they appear in the slideshow:

  1. $1,150,000 asking price, 5944 Falcon Crest, Lumberton
  2. $1,250,000 asking price, 177767 Hwy 326, Sour Lake
  3. $1,250,000 asking price, 5975 Calder, Beaumont
  4. $1,300,000 asking price, 8280 Evangeline, Beaumont
  5. $1,395,000 asking price, 1635 Thomas Road, Beaumont
  6. $1,495,000 asking price, 9888 Gaulding Road, Beaumont
  7. $1,500,000 asking price, 1358 S. Hwy 326, Sour Lake
  8. $1,650,000 asking price, 3 Oak Trace, Beaumont
  9. $2,800,000 asking price, 3839 FM 253, Buna

I'll be glad to show any of these homes to you.  Just contact me and have your pre-qualification letter in hand.

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Five Year Tracking of Beaumont & Southeast Texas Home Sales

"How's the housing market in Beaumont?"

I hear that often.  Lately, I've been wondering the same thing myself.  Those of us in the business thought 2009 was probably the bottom but then 2010 started off at a snails pace.  Eighty-three sales in January represented the slowest month for home sales activity in the past five years.  (Excluding the month Hurricane Ike hit).  Then the tax-credit deadline caught some buyers attention and March and April sales this year really picked up. 

Take a look:


April and May 2010 were actually better than April and May 2009.  Remember the fall of 2006 is widely believed to be when the housing market started to correct on a national level.  Not so in Southeast Texas.  2007 and 2008 were still booming years for our local housing market.  Southeast Texas didn't really see any signs of a cooling off until the winter of 2009. 

Here take a look:


What's this chart show us?

  • The first six months of 2006 had the most closings of the five year period.
  • May has been the month with the highest volume of sales
  • The first six months of 2010 has had the lowest total sales volume of the five year period.
  • April and May of 2010 were higher in volume than 2009 showing the tax credit probably had a good impact on the Southeast Texas housing market.

"So, how is the Beaumont housing market?"  Wait until December and ask me that question again.  Right now, I'm still wondering myself.


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Southeast Texas June Home Sales: Nothing but the Facts

Blog stats Right to the point today.  I've been listing a lot of property the past couple weeks so there has been less time to create the cool, fancy charts and graphs you normally find on the blog. 

At the end of the month you will always find the biggest Southeast Texas Real Estate stats right here!

170 Homes Sold

126 Average Days on the Market

$146,215 Average Sold Price

Did you know on an average day there are approximately 45 other folks just like you reading looking up information about the Real Estate Market here in Southeast Texas?  No kidding! 

If you need to know more about the market contact me.  All questions are welcome. 



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