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September 2010

August Home Sales in Beaumont, Texas and The Golden Triangle

Last post was a little scary for those of us in the real estate business and those home owners trying to sell their homes.  August home sales were the lowest in total number over the past five year period.  Interestingly enough, several neighborhoods in Southeast Texas are still holding their own when it comes to sales prices. 

This is good news for home sellers in the Beaumont, Nederland, Groves, Lumberton and several other Southeast Texas communities.   Take a look at the chart.  You will see area, then the percent of the asking price the sellers in that area sold their homes for, and then the number of days on the market. 

Aug_% and area
Coming out on top is Nederland where sellers averaged 97% of their asking price for the homes that closed in August.  Those homes spent an average of 65 days on the market.  Not bad when the overall average days on the market for Southeast Texas homes is now at 122 days. 

The data on this chart is from the Beaumont MLS.  Areas with less than two homes sales in the month of August were not included.  Soon we will know September's home sales.  September is usually one of the slowest months for home sales during the year. 

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Oh My, 165 Southeast Texas Homes Closed in August

Say it ain't so.  August home sales fall approximately 10% from same time last year.  The real estate roller coaster seems to be on a downward spiral this summer.  July recorded the lowest total sales in the past five years.  Now, August follows the same track. 

  • August 2005, 228 homes sold
  • August 2006, 235 homes sold
  • August 2007, 256 homes sold
  • August 2008, 190 homes sold
  • August 2009, 187 homes sold
  • August 2010, 165 homes sold

Interestingly enough, residential home prices are holding stable in most Southeast Texas neighborhoods.  Since I've already clued you in that not as much is selling, now I'll share where which areas are having the highest number of home sales.  Take a look.


Want to know which Southeast Texas neighborhoods are still holding their values and where home sellers are getting almost full price for their homes?  Later this week, I'll post that information here.  If you can't wait contact me today.

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