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Homes Sales Beaumont Neighborhoods

Westchase Village Home Sales 2020 Review

Frequent readers of the blog know that I keep a close eye on home sales in Westchase Village.  In fact, I snail mail a postcard to home owners in Westchase Village monthly to keep them up to date on home sales trends in the neighborhood.  

This month's postcard is the 2020 review.   Here's a sneak peak.  It goes out in the mail this week. 

Westchase Report_ Monthly Postcard_ Dec Year ReviewThere are currently six homes for sale in Westchase Village.  The lowest price is $279,900.  The highest is $629,900.  The average price of a home in the neighborhood is currently $448,500.   There are a few remaining lots in Westchase Village where new construction homes can be built.  Homes range in size from approximately 2,000 square feet up to 5,000 square feet.  

If you would like more information on Westchase Village in Beaumont, Texas or any other neighborhood in Southeast Texas, let's visit.  As a local, professional Realtor I'm here to help you with your home selling and buying goals.  You can reach me on the blog, my text or email. 



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Southeast Texas Featured Neighborhoods, 2016 Home Sales Data, Barrington Heights

Thinking about buying or selling a home in Barrington Heights this year?  Then you will want to check out the home sales data for this very popular Westend neighborhood.  

Barrington Sales 2016

Homes sold quickly in Barrington in 2016.  The average home was on the market for 100 days.  You might notice a big difference in the cost per square foot of home from the low to high.   The highest end consists of  the new construction home sales on Truxton and Merrick.  The average price per square foot of a resale (not new construction) is a lot closer to $114.  

Last year there were thirty three (33) home sales in Barrington Heights according to the SE Texas MLS.   

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Beaumont or anywhere in SE Texas and you would like to know more about the home sales in that area contact me here on the blog, call or text.  I'll gladly provide you the home sales data for any SE Texas neighborhood.  It is just one of the ways I can help you make the smartest home buying or selling decision.  

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Trends in Home Sales in Beaumont Texas

I can't take credit for the post on the blog today.  The credit goes to The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M.  They keep track of home sales for the entire state of Texas.   The charts shown below are for Beaumont, Texas.

Interesting Chart #1

2016 3 years monthly sales

If you would have asked me I would have thought 2016 had the highest number of home sales out of the past three years.  Right now that's wrong.  2015 is leading in the total number of home sales in Beaumont.

August 2016 has been the month with the largest number of sales for the three year period.  Maybe that's why I couldn't keep up in August!  It was a busy month for sellers.  It is unlikely October, November or December 2016 will beat August either.  We are in the typical seasonal fall slow down

  • Slowest months for selling a home are November, December, January and February.

Interesting Chart #2

2016 Monthly Sales

Top of chart


Here's the month by month home sales.  This isn't home sales for all of Southeast Texas.  The data on the chart is for Beaumont Home Sales.  

  • If you are thinking about selling your home, there is no reason to wait.  Even though we are in the slower months of the year, there is very low inventory on the market.  
  • 3.6 months supply is the lowest number of homes we've had on the market all year.
  • Contact me for a free professional market analysis.  Your home might be worth more than you think!

October home sales should be published by the Beaumont Board of REALTORS(c) soon.  Check back on the blog later this week.  

Happy Halloween! 

New Home Construction Costs in Beaumont, TX

The other day someone contacted me for some information on the cost to buy or build a new home in Port Neches or Groves.  Today, I'm sharing some information on the cost of buying or building a new home in Beaumont, TX.  

Easy to read chart shown here.

New Constructionn Costs Beaumont

Here's some other interesting things about where the new homes are being built in Beaumont.

  • Barrington Heights had six new construction homes close.  
  • Barrington Heights also has the highest average price per square foot of all the neighborhoods at $141
  • Deerfield had seven new homes close.  The average price per square foot was $113.
  • Diamond D Ranch had seven new homes close.  The average price was approximately $129.
  • The Meadows had 4 homes close.  The average price was approximately $121.
  • Willow Creek Country Club Estates had four homes close.  The average price was approximately $112.  

If you are interested in buying a new home in Southeast Texas, let me help you make a smart purchase decision.  You can see by the data that new construction prices vary by neighborhood.  If you would like more information about any neighborhood in Southeast Texas contact me here on the blog.  Fill out the contact form or call me direct.  

Calder Place: Beaumont, Texas Home Sales Activity

I'm working with a client who's getting ready to put their house on the market.  So how do I recommend a  price?

The first step in the process is to determine what the market value of their home is in the current market.  How do I do that?  Its not magic but its not totally scientific either.  You have to look at similar home sales.  In the real estate business similar home sales are called "comps" or comparable sales.  

This client lives in a popular historic neighborhood in Beaumont, Calder Terrace.   

This chart shows the average, high and low cost per square foot of the three homes that have sold in the past six months.  This is a starting point in determining the current market value. 

Calder Terrace Jan 2016 Snap

 *There was a cash sale for $1,400,000 that is not included in this data.  There have been three sales. Keep in mind Calder Terrace is a relatively small neighborhood so to have three sales in six months isn't a sign of trouble as it could be in a larger neighborhood.  With this information: the high sale, low sale and average sale we can start to determine what the right price for a home is.

That leads to step two, what is the home's condition?  That's a discussion for another day.  

If you are curious about home sales in your neighborhood, contact me.  You can reach me on the blog or my cell.  Call or text.  I'll be happy to give you a professional market analysis to help you know what your home is worth in the current market.  

19 Homes Sold in Barrington Heights in the past Six Months

Knowing a neighborhoods key home sales data is important when you are buying or selling a home.  A few key things you want to know are:  the average price, the average number of days it took to sell a home, and the cost per square foot most homes are selling for.  

Today, let's look at Barrington Heights. 


Barrington Sales Oct_April

If you really want to take it a step further you need to look at the new construction prices vs. the resale prices.  That is one professional service I provide to all my real estate clients.  Want to know more about Barrington Heights or any other neighborhood in Southeast Texas, contact me and let's get started. 

Home Sales in The Meadows_ Featured Neighborhood in Beaumont, TX

The Meadows _Home sales

The Meadows, also called The Meadows West in one of Beaumont's newer neighborhoods.  There are existing homes and also new construction homes for sale.  The average square foot of homes for sale in The Meadows is 2039 square feet.  Prices range from $205,000-$289,000. 

Homes sales during the past eight months averaged 225 days on the market.  The quickest home sale took just 37 days.  The longest sale took 385.




Southeast Texas Home Sales: Willow Creek Country Club

Willow Creek Sales

Take a look at another popular Southeast Texas neighborhood.  Willow Creek Country Club is one of the few golf course communities in the area. 

It is a good time to be selling a home in Southeast Texas.  The market is strong for home sellers in many neighborhoods.  If you would like to know what homes are selling for in your neighborhood I'd be glad to provide you a neighborhood analysis at no cost.  Just contact me and ask for a no cost neighborhood market snapshot. 

Fairfield Homes Selling Quicker than Other Beaumont Neighborhoods

With ten sales in the past 12 months and half of the sales taking less than seventy days, Fairfield continues to be a hot neighborhood in Southeast Texas. 

2015 Fairfield

Another sign of a hot neighborhood is the percentage that the sellers negotiate off their original asking price.  In Fairfield, sellers are negotiating less than 3% off their asking price.  With a great location off Major Drive and a sought after school track its no wonder Fairfield is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the area.

What neighborhood do you want to find out about?  Comment here with the neighborhood you want to know more about.  I'll pull the figures for you and post them on the blog. 

Barrington Heights Home Sales_High, Low, Average and Median Prices

2015 Barrington resales

Interested in what the new construction in Barrington Height is selling for?  I can help.  When you work with a professional REALTOR who has membership in the MLS you will have the advantage of getting this information to help you make a smart decision on what any home in Southeast Texas is worth in today's market.  

If you are thinking about selling or buying a home, I can help. Contact me for a professional home valuation.